2016 and Still Facing Challenges – but Facing them Head On!

In December 2015, Community Living Interlake was surprised by a small group of neighbours who were opposed to three gentlemen moving into their neighbourhood. At a town council meeting January 6, there was a unanimous vote to support the gentlemen’s move. Community Living Interlake has done an amazing job of rallying the community and we congratulate them on their success. CBC Story

While this is wonderful news, it is disturbing that people this face this level of discrimination. These antiquated by-laws and zoning rules require addressing around the province. Members of Abilities Manitoba have been working on addressing zoning and by-laws that are restrictive and discriminatory. Research in a number of municipalities around Manitoba is being collected.

Members of Abilities have also been involved in the creation of the NIMBY (Not in my back yard) toolkit which is in it’s final stages and will soon be released for public use. The members of Abilities Manitoba are amazing at collectively addressing issues and moving forward, and this issue will be no exception. The day will come when people can truly live where they choose to.