Asper Study on the Ecomomic Benefits of Manitobans with Intellectual Disabilities

We are pleased to share a study completed in April 2018 on the Ecomomic Benefits of Manitobans with Intellectual Disabilities. This study was completed by Yusuf Kacamak and Annette Kroeker, students in the Masters of Business Administration Program at Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba. The study highlights the benefits for individuals, businesses, government and the province as a whole. The complete study can be found here:Asper Study FINAL 2018 A PowerPoint with highlights can be found here:Asper Study Presentation April 2018. A huge thank you to Annette and Yusuf for the hundreds of hours they put into this important study.

3 thoughts on “Asper Study on the Ecomomic Benefits of Manitobans with Intellectual Disabilities

  1. i work in a day program in Winnipeg and i only make 13.31 per hour and i have been there 5 years. i think i shouldbe making atleast 15.00 by now. but we are always told its up to the board. i get maybe 18 cents a year not much incentive. i spend 5 days a week 8 hours a day with special needs and i dont think we are recconized for what we do or paid a farw wage it needs to change. i love my job i love the community we work in and its exciting to teach clients new jobs as well as be out in the community meeting chatting with others

  2. I believe that the direct support workers need a raise. I have a brother with special needs and he gets $1000 a month to live on. With that I’m suppose to pay his portion of bills, food, clothes, necessities, outings and save for his future. Really? I don’t make any money from being his care giver but someone who doesn’t know him will get paid to care and look after his needs. The government is messed up when it comes to dealing with special needs individuals and their families who want to keep them in the family home.

  3. My name is Lisa in 2009 I was at educational assistant working with life skills programs making almost $22 an hour I’m currently a manager supporting a 5-bedroom residential home and I’m making 1985 an hour which I have been doing so for the last 8 years I think that’s being the manager of this home I do a lot more than an educational assistant I feel that I should be making up around $25 an hour in this position for what I do and the amount of people that we support I feel that industry that we are currently in supporting individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities is overlooked by our government and really needs to have them come out spend the day with us and see what we do

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