Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Representatives of member agencies are elected to 1, 2, or 3 year terms on the Abilities Manitoba Board of Directors during the organization’s Annual General Meeting. Following the AGM, the Board holds elections to determine Officer positions for the following year.
Audra Penner Image

Audra Penner

CEO and President at ImagineAbility
Phone: 204-956-9700
Scott Smith Image

Scott Smith

Director of Program Development & Quality Assurance at Pulford Community Living Services
Phone: 204-284-2255
Malinda Roberts Image

Malinda Roberts

Executive Director at Winnserv
Phone: 204-783-8654 ext. 227
Oly Backstrom Image

Oly Backstrom

Executive Director at SCE Lifeworks
Phone: 204-775-9402
Jonathan Dionne Image

Jonathan Dionne

Director of Provincial Services at SMD
Phone: 204-975-3070
Charmayne Dube Image

Charmayne Dube

Director of Services at New Directions
Phone: 204-786-7051 ext 5227
Maria Freeman Image

Maria Freeman

Executive Director at Inclusion Selkirk
Phone: 204-482-5435
Jennifer Rodrigue Image

Jennifer Rodrigue

Acting Director of Communications & Public Affairs at St.Amant
Phone: 204-258-7060
Jimm Simon Image

Jimm Simon

Executive Director at Community Living interlake
Phone: 204-467-9169
Courtney Welch Image

Courtney Welch

Director of Finance and Operations at Epic Opportunities
Phone: 204-560-2806
Ruby Reimer Image

Ruby Reimer

Director – Past President
Executive Director at Epic Opportunities
Phone: 204-560-2806

Committee Representation


Financial Sustainability

Chair: Malinda Roberts
  • Audra Penner
  • Margo Powell
  • Scott Smith

Golf Tournament Sub-Committee

Chair: Scott Smith
  • Jeannie Alexander
  • Darrin Clinton
  • Maria Freeman
  • Margo Powell
  • Yolly Tang


Chair: Maria Freeman
  • Krista Bissett
  • Audra Penner
  • Charmayne Dube
  • Maria Freeman
  • Scott Morden
  • Linda Stephenson


Chair: Ruby Reimer
  • Courtney Welch
  • Scott Morden


Barrier Free Manitoba
Representative: Leanne Fenez

Background: Barrier-Free Manitoba is a non-partisan, non-profit, cross-disability initiative that was formed in 2008 with a goal of getting the Province Manitoba to enact strong and effective legislation that requires the removal of existing barriers and prevents the creation of new ones.
This legislation was passed and proclaimed on December 5, 2013 in the form of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. This was accomplished because of the widespread support provided by organizations and individuals from and beyond Manitoba’s disability communities.

Membership: SMD, New Directions, Abilities Manitoba, Children’s Coalition, Manitoba Supported Employment Network, Cerebral Palsy Association.

Day Services Review Advisory Committee
Representative: Krista Bissett

Background: The Day Services Review Advisory Committee began meeting in the fall of 2013 and continues to meet on a regular basis. Our purpose is to develop a standardized consistent approach to how agencies are funded and to identify efficiencies in services while promoting greater independence and community participation.

Membership: Family Services, Manitoba Supported Employment Network, Abilities Manitoba and Community Representatives.

Representative: Charmayne Dube

Background: This working group was established to assist with developing a province-wide strategy that will enhance training standards and wages for direct staff and make recommendations to Abilities Manitoba.

Membership: Charmayne Dube, Jeannette DeLong, Krista Bissett, Kristin Knockaert, Leanne Fenez, Leslie Udell, Maria Freeman, Scott Smith, Margo Powell, Bryan Lotocki and a Representative from the Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba (ADSPM).

Red River College Advisory Committee
Representative: Jeannie Alexander

Background: This committee meets twice a year to provide guidance and advice on all matters related to the Disability and Community Support Program at Red River College to ensure program relevance to both students and employees.

Members: The Advisory Committee consists of representatives from Red River College, student representatives, a Family Services Representative and community representatives.