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In an effort to provide help and assistance to all those organizations working to deal with the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic, we have put together a listing of resources which we will continue to add to and update. We have also created a forum where you can post questions and information with each other. If you have resources to share with others, please link them in the forum and/or email to them to #WeAreBetterTogether

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NEW!!    Template letters for requesting accommodation for: 

Priority access at retail outlets

Accessing hospitals as an Essential Care Partner

Key Points for Messaging

Your New Normal Workbook

ImagineAbility Food Service

Need/Have Staff to be Deployed

Orientation for Re-Deployed Staff:

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12 thoughts on “COVID19 Forum and Resources

  1. Very thankful that your team has taken a lead role in providing the resources and direction for Mb agencies….many agencies are in need of this and have been looking for direction. GREAT JOB ABILITIES!!

  2. Hello all, I have grave concerns regarding the announcement of ‘block funding” coming our way during this pandemic.
    I could write a 2 page note on all the concerns it raises. How are others feeling, and what stance are we taking?

  3. Hi Richard!

    Where agencies are deploying all their day services staff to work residentially and where the agency offers both day and residential supports (like Blue Sky) you should not see a change to funding. The letter that went out yesterday indicates ” If all staff in an agency are providing critical services or are redeployed to residential services, agencies can be assured that funding will remain status quo”.

    Any day services who do not or cannot deploy staff to work residentially would move to block funding to cover core costs of operation as of May 1. CLDS is relying on agencies and communities to pull together and deploy staff where needed. We are assuring them that services will work together to get through this. We recognize that currently day services staff are not being utilized just yet in many cases, but the need could present itself in a hurry. We wanted to protect those agencies by seeing current funding remain as long as possible and they have pushed back their date considerably from earlier conversations. We worry that if day services staff aren’t needed yet, that many will go on EI and we could lose a significant chunk of the work force. Some agencies are utilizing day services staff to assist with errands, grocery shopping and meal prep if they are not currently doing shifts.

  4. I’m wondering if CLDS has shared their Business Continuity Plan? In a smaller rural agency if a situation arose and we needed to close a home and could’t rehouse someone, or, if we could’t provide staffing then what plan has CLDS put in place to ensure people are supported?

    Our Agency has plans that we believe would work in a worse case scenario but as the saying goes “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”

  5. Hi there,

    I was under the impression that the province would be providing us with details last week on block funding to begin May 1st. Am I to assume that day programs will continue to be funded the per diems during the month of April? I’m wondering because I would like to move forward with applying for the 75% Federal assistance in order to keep our staff on the payroll. Does A.M. have any insight into this situation? Thanks so much! Stay safe.

  6. Hi there,

    CLDS is working on what the block funding will look like that will begin May 1. Day program funding will remain status quo for April. This was done to provide time to deploy staff to work residentially. Be well Kelly!

  7. Thanks for all you are doing. I really hope we can get some direction from Manitoba Families or Public Health around protocols within community residences. Conflicting info about use of masks is creating stress among staff.

  8. Hi Nancy,
    Check out the 2 links in the latest COVID update on the Abilities home page about protocols.
    It would be helpful if the Dept sent out stand alone protocols or at least endorsed something. As it is, we are left to wonder whether the Dept. endorses the protocols we have access to or not. The protocols on the links are helpful.
    Abilities is dong an amazing job keeping us informed!! I can’t imagine where our sector would be without them in this pandemic.

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