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Employer Obligations

The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters put together a guide for what to do when one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19: 


As many day program/employment agencies prepare to deploy their staff into residential settings during the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought it might be helpful to hear about the experiences and process undertaken by ImagineAbility. You can find that story and resource here: Redeployment process – one organizations story

Audra Penner, CEO of ImagineAbility is willing to answer any questions that you might have on what worked, what they learned and what they might do differently. You can reach Audra at apenner@imagineability.ca . There have been many positive stories emerging from the chaos of the pandemic and the opportunity for day program and residential staff to work alongside and gain insight into one another’s work has been one of them. Stay tuned as we share some of those positive stories in future updates.

Employer and Human Resources Support

Employers, particularly day services have a number of questions right now about continued employment through redeployment, lay offs, refusal to work, etc. People First HR has stepped in to assistu us and have provided the following information around layoffs and other unique circumstances that you might find yourself in at this time: People First HR – helpful employer information during COVID-19. We ask that where ever humanly possible that staff are available to be redeployed to fill residential shifts. 

People First HR have also shared that they have a HR Phone in Option for questions that you might have. They are offering a non-profit rate of $60/month. More information is available here: People First HR – On Call support available

Abilities Manitoba designed a very brief introductory training PowerPoint that could be used during this outbreak where staff may be coming over from day service sites to help in residential settings and need some critical information quickly. It is not a replacement for fulsome orientation and training but may assist with managing in a staffing crisis due to the pandemic.  The orientation is available in two formats: 

1) PDF version – printable copies of the powerpoint slides – Basic Orientation

2) Recorded webinar of PowerPoint presentation – Video Link to Orientation

The Ontario Human Rights Commission came out with this guidance related to discrimination and COVID-19:  http://ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-pandemic

St.Amant developed the following Quick Reference guide for managers to deal with sick calls during this time (Guidelines for Managers regarding Travel and Sick calls during COVID-19 Pandemic):

Quick Reference FINAL


Now is a good time to revisit your policies and procedures regarding staff communication, sick time and remote work. Consider:

  • Communicating clearly and often with your teams
  • Paid sick time and flexibility regarding these policies and processes if warranted
  • Remote work possibilities for those who have roles that do not require them to be physically present
  • Access to mental health supports for those who are experiencing anxiety or fear during this time

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)


Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19, World Health Organization


Manitoba Employment Standards:  https://www.gov.mb.ca/labour/standards/acts_regulations.html

Webinar on Employer Obligations during a pandemic https://docs.peoplecorporation.com/s/zSzidPJRyA2FnQa


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