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Information from CLdS

Note: the majority of communication from CLdS can be found located on the following website (there is often  a delay in how fast it is posted): https://manitoba.ca/covid19/infomanitobans/famcirculars.html

Recordings of the Webinars and Townhalls hosted by Dept of Families can be found here: https://manitoba.ca/covid19/protection/info-sessions.html

Jan. 14th (2021) – Vaccine Priority Criteria Revised –2020-212r – COVID-19 Circular – Vaccine Priority Criteria Revised Jan-14-2021 

Dec. 22nd – Situational Management Plan Updates – 2020-207 COVID-19 Circular Situational Management Plan Updates Dec 22-2020

2020-207 COVID-19 Situational Management Plan (SMP) for Service Providers-Operators Dec 22-2020

Dec. 22nd – CLdS Screening and Support Team – 2020-209 COVID-19 Circular CLDS Screening and Support Team Dec 22-2020

Dec. 22nd – Safety Precautions – Assisting CLdS Residents using PAP Devices

2020-187 COVID-19 Circular Safety Precautions – Assisting CLDS Residents using PAP Devices Dec 22-2020

2020-187 COVID-19 Tips for Staff Assisting with AGMPs Attachment Dec 22-2020

Dec. 18th – Outdoor Mask Use – 2020-206 COVID-19 Circular Outdoor Mask Use – Winter Dec 18-2020

Dec. 4th – Hospital Visitation – 2020-203 COVID-19 Circular – Hospital visitation Dec 4-2020

Dec. 4th – Out of Home Visitation (residential) – LTR_CLDS Sector regarding out-of-home visitation for residential care facility residents Dec 4-2020

Dec. 2nd – Rapid Staff Recruitment & Training Initiative for CLdS – 2020-198 COVID-19 Circular Direct Service Provider Rapid Recruitment Initiative Dec 2-2020

2020-198 COVID-19 Red River College DSP Referral Form (envoyy and agency use) Attachment 2 Dec 2-2020

2020-198 COVID-19 Verification of Clear AAR and CAR Checks Form Attachment 1 Dec 2-2020

Dec. 2nd – Wellness Checks – LTR_CLDS Service Providers and Advocacy Organizations Regarding Wellness Checks Dec 2-2020

Dec. 1st – Template Letter for DSPs – LTR_CLDS Critical Services Dec 1-2020 (1)

Dec. 1st – Financial Supports for Employers & Employees (Sick Leave Supports) – 2020-200 COVID-19 Circular Financial Supports for Employers & Employees Dec 1-2020

Nov. 27th – Caregiver Wage Support announcement and attachments –

2020-199 COVID-19 Circular Caregiver Wage Support Program – Final Updated Nov 27-2020

CLDS shift-staffed residential care providers

CFS group home providers operators and Community Care providers

Homeless Shelter Providers

Nov. 26th – Critical Services Worker definition – COVID-19 Circular 2020-191 – Critical Services Worker definition Nov 26-2020

Nov. 23rd – Recording of Town Hall with CLdS – https://manitoba.ca/covid19/protection/info-sessions.html.

Nov. 18th – Series of communications related to Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit: 

LTR_Minister – CLDS Shift-Staffed Residential Service Providers

2020-189 COVID-19 Pandemic Staffing Benefit Application – CLDS

2020-189 COVID-19 Circular Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit

Nov. 12th – Series of communications related to the move to Province Wide Code Red Restrictions: 

2020-172(r) COVID-19 Circular Restrictions for CLDS Revised Nov 12-2020

2020-190 COVID-19 Attachment 1 – CFS CPPS Guidelines

2020-190 COVID-19 Attachment 2 – CLDS Guidelines

2020-190 COVID-19 Attachment 3 – CDS Guidelines

2020-190 COVID-19 Attachment 4 ELCC Guidelines

2020-190 COVID-19 Circular Manitoba Moves to Code Red Nov 12-2020

Nov. 10th – a.m.2020 – 186 COVID-19 Clarification – Medical Grade Masks Nov 10 20

Nov. 10th – p.m. – MEMO – Tech Choice Masks Nov 10-2020 (Note – meant to clarify and replace the morning communication on masks

Nov. 10th – two documents below on PPE Requirements:

2020-184 COVID-19 LTR_Dr. Roussin to CLDS Shift-Staffed Service Providers Nov 10-2020

2020-184 COVID-19 Circular PPE Requirements for CLDS Shift-Staffed Residential Service Providers Nov 10-2020

Nov. 6th2020 – 181 COVID-19 Alternate Isolation Accommodations (1)

Nov. 6th2020-185 COVID-19 Circular – Pandemic Response Nurses

Nov. 6th2020 – 178 COVID-19 Public Health Direction- Self Isolation CLDS-CFS

Nov. 4th – Flowchart for Symptomatic Residential/Group Care Staff –

2020-168 COVID-19 Circular Attachment Flowchart Nov 4-2020

2020-168 COVID-19 Circular – Flowchart for Symptomatic Residential-Group Care Staff Nov 4-2020

October 30th – Information regarding move to Code Red/Orange – 2020 – 172 COVID-19 Restrictions for CLDS 2020-10-30(2)

October 29th – Letter from Dr. Rouissin – Dr. Roussin to CLDS CFS homes – Oct. 29, 2020

October 21st – Emails from Sandi Dorbolo

  1. 2020-161 COVID-19 CFS CLDS Residential Care Staff Checklist ATTACHMENT October 21-2020
  2. 2020-161 COVID-19 Circular Checklist for Residential Care Staff Who are Diagnosed October 21-2020
  3. 2020-160 COVID-19 Circular CLDS and CFS – PPE Use in Group Care Settings October 21-2020
  4. 2020-167 COVID-19 Message to Agencies re. PPE Use Final October 21-2020

October 16th – via CLdS – Contract Tracing Process. For use when Public Health is unable to assist with contract tracing due to backlog DRAFT WRHA COVID-19 Outbreak LTC Guideline_26_Aug_2020 CONTACT TRACING

October 8th – email from Sandi Dorbolo:

“Please find attached three documents to assist you as we continue to work together to manage COVID-19.  Included is a document that contains key messages from the webinar held with Dr. Roussin on September 8th, a checklist for service providers to use when staff and/or participants are suspected to have COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19 and a revised Situational Management Form for service providers to use when reporting suspected or confirmed cases to the CLDS program.”

CLDS Checklist Suspect Positive Case

COVID-19 Key Messages for CLDS & CFS Group Care Providers Final

Updated Situational Management Plan (agency reporting template) Oct 8-2020

September 25 – Circular regarding Public Health Directive in Winnipeg & Surrounding areas – 2020-151 COVID-19 Circular Public Health Order – Winnipeg and Metro Region

September 16 – New regions announced by CLdS –  Department of Families – Regional Social Services Boundaries Sept 2020

July 30th – Letter from Minister regarding Back to School plans for school aged adults –  Minister Letter to CLDS Participant – Back to School July 30 2020

July 21st – Circular on CLdS participants wearing non-medical masks –  2020-116 COVID-19 Non-medical Masks for CLDS Participants July 21-2020  

July 16th  -COVID-19 Circular 2020-110 Supporting CLDS Participants to Safely Engage in Community Activities – COVID-19 Circular 2020-110 Supporting CLDS Participants to Safely Engage in Community Activities July 16-2020 

July 6th  – Guidelines to Support the Gradual Resumption of Transportation Services for CLDS Participants –  Guidelines to Support Gradual Resumption of Transportation Services for CLDS Participants July 6-2020 

July 2nd  – Day Service Re-Opening Plan Template  –  Non-Critical Day Services Reopening Plan TEMPLATE June 30-2020

June 24th  – COVID update to families – COVID-19 CLDS FAN Bulletin 3 EN June 24-2020

June 19th – Letter from Min. Heather Stefanson regarding Risk Recognition Program – Letter from Minister Stefanson – June 19_20 – Risk Recognition Program

June 19th – Letter regarding Transportation reopening – Letter to Transportation Providers re Gradual Resumption of Services June 19-2020 – 

June 18th – Survey sent for all agencies in advance of day service re-opening:

“This survey is intended to be completed by all service providers delivering day and/or residential services, as the slow reopening of day services will have an impact on all providers.  The information submitted through the survey will be compiled into a report and shared with all providers so you will be able to see the issues, concerns and successes that the sector has raised for the program’s consideration.  The information will be used to help CLDS make informed decisions about the phased-in approach to reopening so that participants can continue to be safely supported during the day.

Visit https://engagemb.ca/manitoba-disability-community and complete the Service Providers:  Inform the Gradual Reopening of Day Services survey.

Please note the deadline for submission of the survey is Friday, June 26th.”      Text of Survey

June 16th – Update on use of PPE – Eye Protection – 2020-89 PPE Use Guidelines (Update) 2020-06-16_

June 16th – Letter regarding Reopening of Day Services –   Phase One – Guidelines to Support the Gradual Reopening of Day Services June 16-2020

June 15th – COVID-19 Circular 2020-99 regarding visitation restrictions being eased in CLDS residential care facilities – COVID-19 Circular 2020-99 Visitation Restrictions Eased in CLDS Residential Care Facilities June 15-2020 

June 9th – COVID-19 CDS-CLDS Bulletin – COVID-19 CDS-CLDS Bulletin June 9-2020 

May 22nd – Letter and template sent regarding reporting requirements for cases of COVID-19:

Service Providers re COVID-19 Reporting Protocols May 22-2020

COVID-19 Situational Management Plan for Service Providers TEMPLATE May 22-2020

May 20th – Letter sent to confirm status quo for day services – Letter to Service Providers re Critical Day Services Approach Remains in Effect May 20-2020 (002)

May 11th – Document sent and asked to be forwarded to families: 

COVID CLDS FAN Bulletin May 11-2020

May 6th – Circular sent: 

COVID-19 Circular Regarding In-Home and Outdoor Visits for CLDS Sector May 6-2020

May 5th Documents sent: 

QAs Day Services Staffing Redeployment Template May 5-2020

CLDS Circular Day Services Redeployment Template Scenarios May 5-2020

May 5th Email sent: 

From: +WPG1038 – ADS (FAM) <ads@gov.mb.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 4:03 PM
Subject: FW: Communication to CLDS Providers Regarding Provision of Day Services

Sent on Behalf of Sandra Dorbolo

Good afternoon,

Community Living disABILITY Services (CLDS) recognizes the importance of providing day services programs to participants, but is also aware that balanced decisions need to be made to ensure the health of vulnerable people and their care providers.

Day programs continue to be available for participants with critical needs, including:

  • individuals living with family members who are at risk of losing employment if day services are not provided and do not have other daytime options;
  • individuals supported by home share providers who are unable to provide care during day time hours and where other arrangements are not possible; or
  • individuals who cannot be safely supported in their residence during day time hours.

We are working with the community and the disability services sector on a longer term plan to resume regular day services and increased social and recreation opportunities, based on the advice and direction of Public Health officials.  At this time, day services will continue to be provided only to those with critical needs.

This past week we have received a number of emails about possible returns to day programs.  Please note that CLDS will need to review each situation and the circumstances in order to determine critical need.  Information as to how Public Health Guidelines are being implemented (example:  social distancing, hand washing, PPE usage, etc.) and the number of people (including staff) that will be in the building is required.  PPE needs should also be identified.

Thank you so much for your help with ensuring the safety of the individuals we support.

May 1st – Circular sent:

COVID Circular 2020-80 PCH-SSH Workers May 1-2020

April 27th – Circular sent: 

CLDS-CFS Circular re Shared Health PPE Update – FINAL

Also advised that: “the town hall calls held with Dr. Roussin on April 14th and 15th for the residential care/group home and child protection sectors are now available online.  An FAQ developed with questions received following the town halls is also available.  You can access the audio files and the related FAQ documents at the following link: ” https://manitoba.ca/covid19/infomanitobans/info-sessions.html

April 23rd – Circular sent: 

COVID-19 Circular 2020-72- Criminal Record Check 

April 17th – Circular – Use of PPE in Residential Care Settings sent:  COVID-19 CLDS Circular PPE Use in Residential Care Settings – April 17-2020

April 9th – Infection Control Protocol and Q&A sent: 

Letter and attachments


April 8th – Circular regarding restriction of visitors:  COVID 19 Information for Residential Care re Visitors_April 8 2020 (1)

March 26th – Letter sent from Minister Stefanson: Min letter to CLDS CFS providers March 26

March 25th Letter sent : CLDS Transportation Letter_March 25-2020.1 (1)

March 23rd Letter sent: Agency Letter RE Day Services Redeployment and Other Topics_March 23 (1)

March 18th Letter sent: CLDS Letter to Service Providers_DS Updated Information_March 18-2020

March 17th Letter sent:LTR_Agencies re Day Services Reduction Plan 2020-03-17

March 13th – Letter & Risk Assessment sent: 


Risk Assessment Tool_Mar13-2020 (1)

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