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Re-opening and Transformation of Services

This section hold resources that may be helpful as you plan for re-opening services in the midst of the pandemic. Whether you are looking for practical examples of what others are doing or you are completely re-imagining how you are delivering services, this section is for you!

Some Lessons Concerning Agency Transformation toward More Personalized Services – by Michael Kendrick agency_transformation.kendrick-2014pdf-002

The Pandemic is an Opportunity to Improve Person Centred Supports – Video – Nicole LeBlanc – https://youtu.be/MvIBCROuy9Q

Real Change Successful Practices Course – From Community Living Essex – https://realxchange.communitylivingessex.org/courses/real-change-successful-practices-module/

Organizational Transformation: Guiding Principles for Community Providers https://www.thinkwork.org/sites/thinkwork.org/files/files/RRTC_keyfindings6_F.PDF

Community Life Engagment workbook – Great Resource https://cletoolkit.communityinclusion.org/

What’s happening elsewhere?

Guidance Note for the Developmental Services Sector
Issue: Re-opening Day Services – July 10, 2020 (Ontario) – https://realxchange.communitylivingessex.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Guidance-Note-re-Reopening-Day-Services.pdf

British Columbia Plans and Documents:





Guidance/Frameworks on resumption of day services:

1)  framework-for-resumption-of-adult-disability-day-services

2)  guidance to support the framework for resumption of adult disability day services


Compilation of American State plans: https://www.nasddds.org/news/re-opening-information-for-employment-and-day-service-providers


Ohio’s planning: https://dodd.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/dodd/about-us/communication/news/news-day-service-group-size-reductionFrom


Connecticut: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DDS/COVID-19/Innovative_Employment_and_Day_Virtual_Practices_4_15_20_FINAL.pdf?la=en

Pennsylvania – https://www.pchc.org/odp-transition-guide-tools?ItemID=900



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