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Resources for Direct Support Professionals

Added November 25th – Recorded Webinar (held on Nov. 19-20) – Working in a COVID positive home. 

Added August 10th – Guidance for DSPs who are supporting someone who is adversely affected or distress due to pandemic –  https://thriveldn.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Supporting-those-adversely-affected-or-distressed-by-the-coronavirus-outbreak-June-2020.pdf

Added August 10th – Excellent Webinar – “Self-Care for Health Professionals Working in Intellectual Disability Services Through the COVID 19 Pandemic” – https://youtu.be/JDh9YzHC4tQ to watch and the power point presentation can be accessed here: http://www.professionalpalliativehub.com/sites/default/files/Self-Care_Covid-19_ID%20Services_Prof_Robertson.pdf

Added August 4th – Webinar recording -Promoting Mental Health and Resiliency for Developmental Services Staff https://youtu.be/K9DzEn41vwU

Added July 10th – The Compassion Fatigue project has some useful resources  – https://compassionfatigue.org/

Added July 8th – Results of Survey done of DSPs during COVID in the USA by NADSP – https://publications.ici.umn.edu/community-living/covid19-survey/covid-19-survey-initial-results

Added June 26th – Wellness Strategies for the Helping Professions – Webinar  https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/free-webinar/

Added May 28th – How to prevent chafing and skin injury due to wearing PPE – https://sharedhealthmb.ca/files/covid-19-ppe-skin-injury-poster.pdf

Added May 26th – Guidelines for extending the use of a mask – (St.Amant resource) – Extended Use of Masks – How To

Added May 26th – Support for Calling Health Links – (St.Amant resource) – Support for Calling Health Links (April 2020)

Added May 14th – Employee ID Cards and Letter Templates for Our DSPs 
ImagineAbility has developed a template for DSP identification cards that they would like to share with member agencies. Please, feel free to use and tweak for your purposes. An ID card paired with a letter identifying the DSP as a critical services worker (samples below) can help ensure the DSP can continue to provide uninterrupted support services to the people served by our agencies.  

Sample DSP ID Card Template
Sample Critical Services Worker Letter
Letter from Province identifying CLdS Funded Agencies as “Critical Services” 

Abilities Manitoba designed a very brief introductory training PowerPoint that could be used during this outbreak where staff may be coming over from day service sites to help in residential settings and need some critical information quickly. It is not a replacement for fulsome orientation and training but may assist with managing in a staffing crisis due to the pandemic.  There are two versions we have available:

1) pdf (printable)  Basic Orientation

2) Recorded webinar  https://vimeo.com/400871946

COVID-19 requires us all to be flexible and tolerant of change as we aim to flatten the curve. For many individuals, the sudden and forced change of routines and activities can be challenging. Here are some tips to help promote flexibility during this time:  https://www.myodp.org/mod/book/view.php?id=25106&chapterid=96

Self Care for Direct Support Professionals in Crisis

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) has created an important webinar targeted to help direct support professionals understand their value and offer them some practical ideas to use for their own self-care during this crisis. We must recognize the invaluable contributions direct support professionals provide to our society and our obligation is to protect them so they can protect others.  https://youtu.be/CL95EsnLFuo

Meditation for DSPs in Times in Stress 

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Director of Educational Services, John Raffaele has created a meditation for DSPs in times of stress. https://youtu.be/_eeqEiZ-pxc

COVID-19 requires us all to be flexible and tolerant of change as we aim to flatten the curve. For many individuals, the sudden and forced change of routines and activities can be challenging. Here are some tips to help promote flexibility during this time:  https://www.myodp.org/mod/book/view.php?id=25106&chapterid=96

David Pitonyak’s message to Direct Support Professionals during COVID-19: https://youtu.be/rr-z-XBaFMY

Video from David Hingsburger on Social Distancing:  https://youtu.be/0D7c435yibk

Here are some useful visual resources on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and proper hand washing technique from Special Olympics.
Visual guide Stay Safe during the Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus (COVID-19) What you need to know – Infographic

Join Inspire Community Outreach for a special training, created for increasing our understanding and capacity to support complex children. This includes children with neurological, cognitive and mental heal differences and those who are sometimes called sensitive. Children with multiple disabilities or differences will be discussed, as well as connecting to children who are hard to connect to. https://inspirecommunityoutreach.ca/event/supporting-complex-children-during-social-isolation/

Simple explanations of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and related topics:

(Note: These CBC Kids videos aren’t just for kids, they provide good explanations of the topics.)

Explanation of why people are alarmed about the coronavirus

Explanation of social distancing

Explanation of flattening the curve

NADSP webinar on Self Care for the DSP: https://youtu.be/CL95EsnLFuo

NADSP Webinar: COVID and the role of Direct Support Professionals: https://youtu.be/ud4Q4e_hcuw

Guidelines for Health Facilities (hospitals etc). While not the same, it may provide valuable advice.  https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/ncov/updated-ipac-measures-covid-19.pdf?la=en

Instructions for infection control for community shelters and group homes: 


What does social distancing really mean?


Poster for Teaching hand hygiene:


Handwashing video:  https://youtu.be/3PmVJQUCm4E

Resources for Households in the midst of COVID-19: 


Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-home-care.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fguidance-home-care.html


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