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Resources for Families and Caregivers

Plain language for caregivers and families on COVID-19 from the Canadian Association of Community Living: https://cacl.ca/coviddisability/?fbclid=IwAR3_fhuJzQia3EtS-6QZUd8Y_wEab-SyqSPueeG8QjMuQ_b76Al5tyyNNVw

Empowering Ability has a wide range of information and supports for families during COVID-19:  https://www.empoweringability.org/covid19/#risks

This toolkit is for caregivers who are interested in improving the health and health care of a family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The resources included in this toolkit include tools developed by the H-CARDD program as well as curated resources from Surrey Place’s Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Program and others. These tools can be used together, or as stand-alone materials, depending on your needs, goals and existing resources. The Toolkit can be accessed here: https://familymatters.ddtoolkits.com/?mc_cid=c577b3fd2e&mc_eid=d801601db9 




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