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Legal Support & Assistance


The organization strives to ensure that people receive the support they may require to uphold their right to recognition before the law and to exercise their legal capacity. This includes assistance to access legal advice and representation and to engage in legal proceedings. 

What does this look like?

The organization has a process to identify and assist people to receive legal advice and representation when required.

People supported receive information and education on their rights.

Staff are trained and knowledgeable about people’s rights and are aware of resources to access should people require legal assistance or advice. 

When services are provided to a person through an arrangement with a court or criminal justice system, the organization provides information to the person’s services concerning the relationship between the criminal justice entity and the organization. This ensures that they understand what information may be exchanged or shared and what role the organization will play related to any conditions of release they may be under.

How would you know this is happening? (Evidence)

What you see in systems:

Documentation of process on when and how staff would identify and assist someone to access legal assistance or advice is available.

Training content and records.

Rights training material for people served.                             

What you see in actions:

People experience support to gain representation and advice as needed to uphold their rights.

Staff are aware of the situations in which people may need and have the right to representation or advice from legal counsel.

Resources to support achieving guideline:

Legal aid services – https://www.legalaid.mb.ca/

Lawyer Referral Program – http://www.communitylegal.mb.ca/programs/law-phone-in-and-lawyer-referralprogram/

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Access to Justice


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