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Positive Behavior Support

“Behavior is a form of communication. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who exhibit behavior that is considered ‘challenging’ may actually be experiencing a range of conditions which cause that behavior. For example, ‘challenging’ behavior may be the result of mental or physical health issues. It may be a way for people to express they are being abused. Or it may also be a way to express that their needs are not being met. “

“CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership recently conducted a study which examined the relationship between support staff being trained to promote dignity and respect and the number of ‘challenging’ behaviors exhibited by people with IDD. To do so, we analyzed Basic Assurances® data from 74 organizations that supported approximately 7,000 people with IDD. ” 

You can access information on this study here: https://www.c-q-l.org/resources/articles/reducing-challenging-behavior-by-training-support-staff-to-promote-dignity-and-respect/

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