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Abilities Manitoba Brochure

Why become a member of Abilities Manitoba?

Membership in Abilities Manitoba affords agencies the opportunity to add their voice to those of most other agencies in our field. This in turn makes Abilities Manitoba a stronger advocate for the interests of the people we support.

Abilities Manitoba also provides networking opportunities for agencies facing similar issues. Even when distance prevents regular meeting attendance, meeting webcasts, minutes and other information are available to the entire membership, and we strive to reach out to the entire Province. Members also have the opportunity to partner with government personnel and third parties, forming working committees on particular interests and issues.

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to non-profit agencies that support our objectives and provide a service to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities (or intend to establish a service within a year).
Non-voting associate memberships are extended to related groups or individuals.

How does an agency become a member?

Agencies need to complete an application and, upon approval pay the designated annual membership fee. Fees are calculated based upon 0.04% of all CLdS funding. Agencies who do not receive CLdS funding but do deliver services to adults with intellectual disabilities are eligible for a full voting membership. Their membership fee is calculated based on 0.04% of their Annual Budget.

Members in good standing are each allowed one vote at general and special meetings. For more information on memberships and associate memberships please send an email to:

Information Needed to Complete Registration:

  • Annual budget
  • Annual CLdS funding from all sources

** When entering numbers, please refrain from using commas and dollar signs as the system will tell you there’s an error.

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Agency Information

Please complete all sections. The address, general email address and website will be used to update member agencies on Abilities Manitoba’s website. Please note that your agency will be responsible to notify Abilities Manitoba of any changes to this information.

If you are experiencing difficulties completing your membership form, please contact

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Note: If your organization is funded by CLdS, your membership fee is 0.04% of that funding. The minimum membership fee is $150.00 and the maximum fee is $10,000. We will adjust invoices accordingly


Your Fee: $

Note: If your organization is not funded by CLdS, your membership fee is 0.04% of your annual budget. The minimum membership fee is $150.00 and the maximum fee is $10,000. We will adjust invoices accordingly


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Is a non-profit agency that provides or is planning within the next year to provide services to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities.
Supports the mission, vision & values of Abilities Manitoba.
Is applying for a new/renewed membership with Abilities Manitoba.
Will provide statistical information from your agency within 6 weeks of membership renewal.


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Final approval of this membership application will be based on review of application & receipt of the applicable membership fee. Upon approval an invoice will be emailed and payment can be made by cheque. Memberships expire March 31 annually.