Employment and Income Assistance Consultation

The Province has announced consultations  for a new income support program for people with disabilities. They are seeking online feedback until January 31. We have put the survey into a document and added items you may want to consider as you respond to the survey.

It is critical that impacted citizens contribute their opinions on this important issue. Please support people to complete the online survey or assist to input their comments from the word document into the online survey.

Some ideas:

  • hold focus groups with people you support and compile all feedback into a single online response.
  • distribute this email to stakeholders connected to your agency and impacted by the current EIA system. This could include families, staff, board members, people you support.
  • brainstorm with your staff teams on ways to get people involved and contributing to this important discussion.
  • Share the survey link on your social media.

Thanks in advance; it would be amazing to see a large amount of responses to help design a separate income stream and is dignified, accessible and improves quality of life for people utilizing it. Remember the deadline is January 31!

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