IBEX Payroll Jackpot

Draw Schedule:

1st Draw: December 2, 2020
2nd Draw: December 16, 2020
3rd Draw: December 30, 2020
4th Draw: January 13, 2021
5th Draw: January 27, 2021
6th Draw: February 24, 2021
7th Draw: March 10, 2021
8th Draw: March 24, 2021
9th Draw: April 7, 2021
10th Draw: April 21, 2021


1st draw winner: Rey Soriano, Draw# 0100024, Prize: $40.50
2nd draw winner: Matthew Hiebert, Draw# 0200011, Prize: $45.00
3rd draw winner: Cherilyn LeBlanc, Draw# 0300020, Prize: $45.00
4th draw winner: Kate Plotnikova, Draw# 0400023, Prize: $43.65
5th draw winner: Darryl Stewart, Draw #0500029, Prize: $43.65
6th draw winner: Ronan Laturinp, Draw #0600014, Prize: $43.65


Raffle Rules and Conditions:

  1. This is a share the pot payroll draw (LGCA license # 8016-RF-34335), 45 percent of cash goes to the winner; 55 percent goes to Abilities MB to pay for administration of the raffle (11.5%of gross revenue) and fulfilling their mission of fostering excellence in services for people with disabilities.
  2. Ticket purchases are made by payroll deduction by employees using an enrollment form (earnings must be made during each pay period to cover ticket costs).
  3. Ticket purchasers must work for IBEX and be on IBEX payroll to participate.
  4. Ticket purchasers will receive electronic ticket confirmation on the Tuesday before each draw before midnight.
  5. One winner will be drawn on the Wednesday, following paydays, at 2:00 pm, at the office of Abilities MB, 5-1146 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB.
  6. Draws will be done through the service provider, Funding Change, using random number generator, approved by LGCA.
  7. All winners will be notified by email and/or telephone.
  8. Prizes will be paid by cheque.
  9. Should a cheque not be cashed within 6 months from the draw date, Abilities MB will add the unclaimed amount to the proceeds.
  10. Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to enter.
  11. Ticket purchasers must reside in Manitoba.
  12. Abilities MB must receive LGCA approval for any amendments to the draws.
  13. Staff of Abilities MB are not allowed to participate.
  14. All inquiries about the payroll raffle draw should be directed to the Executive Director of Abilities MB at (204) 890-6751.
  15. The contact information for all entrants will only be used to contact them should they win and will not be added to any email distribution lists. Any communications will relate only to this raffle.