In the Field

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Description of the field:

The supports/services that member agencies of Abilities Manitoba provide facilitate daily life of individuals with intellectual disabilities in their communities. Supports are provided in the homes of individuals, their work places and where they participate in recreational, educational and spiritual pursuits. Agencies vary in how they provide supports; some are facility based, some are community based and many agencies use a variety of ways and settings to provide supports. Agencies use person centred plans to determine the services which best meet the individual­s needs.


If you believe that all people have equal value then working for people with intellectual disabilities provides an opportunity to live this value everyday.  You can walk alongside people in their everyday and explore how and where they too can make a difference in the community.

Abilities Manitoba member agencies frequently have vacant staff positions.  The high demand for new services to people means that we are always looking for staff. There are opportunities in many communities throughout Manitoba. Feel free to refer to our agency directory for an agency in your area.


The benefits of working in this field include:

  • Rewarding work – assisting others to succeed by achieving their goals is a unique opportunity with many rewards.
  • Social aspect – you get to carry out your work in the community where you live, accessing resources, meeting new people and making connections.
  • Flexible hours – supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities happen at all hours of day and night. Whether you are a student, single parent, parent returning to work, a graduate entering the workforce, a retiree or anyone else, there are likely hours available that will fit your life.
  • Variety of work – this field allows people the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and with a variety of job tasks. Each day can be different; one day you could be cooking a meal with someone and another day you could be alongside someone as they get their first paycheck.
  • Diversity in the workplace – there is opportunity to work alongside coworkers from various lifestyles, cultures and experiences.
  • Opportunities to develop skills and learn everyday – there are opportunities to learn from individuals with intellectual disabilities and coworkers. Agencies also provide options for staff to upgrade education and participate in training related to the job.
  • Job stability – the human services field will always have a demand for workers even in today’­s labour market where there is typically little job security.