Please Act Now!

The next 15 months will be crucial ones for Manitobans with intellectual disabilities. We are asking for your help today to get the big ball rolling a little faster.

We urge you to help by:

  • Joining us and Barrier-Free Manitoba in asking the NDP leadership candidates for their position on key disability issues – just click here
  • Share this email message with others you know who are concerned with disability issues.


Doing both will take you less than 5 minutes (depending on how many family and friends you share this message with) and will make a huge difference.


Letter to Candidates to see the letter sent to the leadership candidates on the morning of January 27, 2015.

Please act now (and also read the background below).

The Background

Despite the incredible work you helped us with in the last year, the November 2014 Throne Speech did not include a single reference to making the changes required to improve and ensure the sustainability of services to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities. Alarmingly, it did not include even a single commitment to make progress on any disability issue.

The NDP, the party that forms the government, is now faced with a leadership challenge that will signal direction and priorities for the future.

The candidate selected at the NDP Convention on March 8, 2015 will lead the government during the last year of its mandate. The leader will also play a major role in developing the NDP’s platform for the next provincial election currently scheduled for April 2016. Having those seeking election or re-election commit to real progress on disability issues will help ensure that these issues finally receive the attention that is so long overdue.

There is a lot riding on these commitments.

Abilities Manitoba has teamed up with Barrier-Free Manitoba to ask each of the NDP leadership candidates to provide clear statements of their commitment on three key disability and accessibility issues.


We invite you to join in asking the leadership candidates to clarify their positions on these critically important issues.


Help us in working for a better future for Manitobans with intellectual disabilities, their families and their communities.

Please act now!