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Brenden Visca

Good afternoon folks,

I wanted to upload & offer some of the measure, procedures & policies that we’ve added & implemented at Fairfax Community Resources Inc. Kelly Miller (Fairfax’s CEO) also came across a really great link of information from the Government of Massachusetts regarding COVID-19 for Agency Based In-Home Caregivers & Workers.

I have attached the following:

* Fairfax’s Pandemic Prevention Protocol
* Fairfax’s Pandemic Isolation Protocol
* Fairfax COVID-19 Memo for staff
* Fairfax Staying Healthy Amid Cold & Flu Season Amid COVID-19
* Link to Government of Massachusetts COVID-19 Info

If you have any questions or comment feel free to post here or to contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 204.292.9140.


– Brenden

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