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Margo Powell

Hi Jeannette,

Thanks for your comment! This is on my list of discussion points for my next conversation with CLDS and I will share more info as I have it. The main thinking involved agencies who only provide day services. Our aim was to streamline a process whereby the day service would continue to pay their employees and continue benefits. We didn’t want to create a lot of work for agencies in adjusting rates of pay as they are deployed to provide residential supports, or a process that would require residential agencies to have to hire these day service staff directly. Wages vary significantly and the aim was to not see a reduction in someone’s hourly rate and a process as easy as possible to execute.

Where agencies provide both day and residential supports (like EnVision) it’s a different story. We recognize that agreements are in place whereby some agencies must pay wage enhancement rates so will be addressing this today. Our aim is to try to reduce barriers agencies are or will be experiencing. I would suggest adding these costs to the spreadsheet CLDS sent yesterday and we will work on our end to try and mitigate this.