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Jeannette DeLong

Hi Margo,

The variables in Day Services and each agency are so varied that as soon as the province creates a solution for one scenario and applies it to all scenarios, it will create a problem for someone else. Agencies need as much flexibility as possible during this time. That makes it challenging for the province to know how to answer questions specific to one agency. Good communication will be key in all this.
We have unionized day services and also non-unionized day services. Our residential services are non-unionized. There are a whole lot of variables in that. We expect that we can keep all employees working during this crisis. For our non-union day staff, they will simply be considered residential staff when they work in residential. This slips them into our pay system easily and whatever pay rules apply to the setting get applied to whichever staff is working there.
For our union staff we are discussing options with the union. If they remain under the bargaining unit when working in residential then they would retain all bargaining unit terms and conditions of employment. This means OT rules, unpaid meal breaks, wages (lower than residential). But if they are considered non-bargaining unit then the terms and conditions of residential will apply. We will not be creating a third option – it’s just not a priority to begin negotiating at this time. I am concerned that Managers in the non-union setting are not familiar withe the terms of the bargaining agreement and employees will not like that they do not get paid the same. So…will the union let them be residential staff or will they insist they remain in the bargaining unit? Administratively any other option would require making administrative changes to our pay system or require manual overrides. None of which are appealing.