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Leanne Fenez

Thanks, Marc. Understandable concerns. There are some resources in our COVID-19 resource listing that provides some plain language information for people served on why they need to stay home, wash their hands and practice social distancing. But even with lots of resources, we know that some folks might not understand the risks and/or listen to them.

For families, some agencies are communicating changes in policy and expectations surrounding coming and going from the home from the head office formally. I have heard several agencies in the states, that have told families that if they choose to take their loved one out, they cannot return for 14 days. They are allowing one visitor at a time and ask that social distancing be practiced during the visit. We know that at this time, maintaining relationships and our mental health is critical, so anything that can be done to connect safely should be encouraged but right now skype, facetime or telephone calls are what we may need to prioritize with.

Not sure that’s helpful but some perspectives from other jurisdictions who may be ahead of us on the pandemic curve, might provided some context.