Staff Deployment Service

In an effort to be helpful to organizations who support individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout the Province, Abilities has created a system to collect and match individuals and organizations who either have excess staff (due to day programs closing, etc.) with those that are in need of staff. 

We know that as we move forward individuals, families and organizations are going to be impacted as staff and care providers get sick or are otherwise unable to come to work. We want to help address this need by connecting supply and demand of staff during this crisis time. 

Abilities Manitoba staff will receive all submissions and work to match offers of staff with requests. Where that is not possible, information will be posted on our website until either the offer or demand is resolved.

The tool is designed to help connect those that are available with organizations, individuals or families that need help during this crisis period only. All arrangements, screening and scheduling is between the individuals offering to work and the organizations or people wishing to employ them. You may consider creating something like this sample Memo of Understanding  between the lending and receiving organizations. While this sample has been reviewed by legal counsel, it is offered only as a sample and organizations are responsible for their own due diligence in establishing agreements. 

People with completed and clear criminal record checks and child abuse registry checks can complete shifts even where those checks are more than 6 months old. Verification from a previous employer that they have checks on file will suffice in this emergency situation. Where checks cannot be applied for/obtained, CLDS may be willing to change stances as this progresses and no other staff are available. Please keep Abilities apprised of your situations as you encounter this. We know some communities are not able to access the application process.

The system is easy. Simply click on the link that best suits your situation and fill in the form. These results go to Abilities Manitoba for matching. Anything that cannot be resolved immediately is then listed on the ‘Staff Deployment Service’ page until it has. Please allow 24-48 hours for matching and/or posting on the website. 

Note: This service is open to individuals, families and organizations funded or served by Community Living disability Services. 



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