Signed and Sealed – Yet to be Delivered

All three of the NDP leadership candidates have now responded to the joint Abilities Manitoba/Barrier-Free Manitoba  request for their positions on key disability issues.

While we all know that commitments made during an election can be different from action after, this is a remarkable development:

  • Disabilities are the only major public issue that all three candidates have addressed in their campaigns so far.
  • Like the candidates themselves, their responses are quite different but all three have committed, if elected, to the full and timely implementation of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA).
  • All three candidates also made important commitments on related disability issues.
  • One of the three candidates will be the Premier of Manitoba after March 8.

This is good news indeed.

The even better news is that Manitoba’s disability communities worked together once again to make this happen. We’ve proven once more that there is real strength in numbers and in collective action.

We urge you to share the candidates responses with others you know who are concerned about disabilities. As the contest is for the NDP leadership, we also strongly encourage you to share them with people you know who may be party members and ask them to consider the candidates positions in deciding who they support in the leadership race.

Once the leader has been elected, we will need to continue to work together to ensure the leader and the government fulfill the promises that have been made. And we will need to work together yet again to ensure that disability issues are key priorities in the general election scheduled for next spring.

Thank you for your incredible support.