The 2014 Manitoba Budget


  • 2014-15 provincial budget was tabled on March 6, 2014. There was not the substantial decrease to the funding for CLdS services and supports that we had heard were being considered last fall, which is very good news. Our initial review of the budget papers indicate that funding for this sector will see an increase of $25.6 million next year. Due diligence is still required (the “devil is in the details”) and, while any increase is to be celebrated, $25.6 million is not likely a meaningful increase on a budget of this size. Ultimately, it does look like the action card campaign and other measures we have taken have staved off the short-term and system-wide cuts that were looming.
  • Please click here for the section of the 2014 Budget Estimates that deals with Family Services. The CLdS estimate appears on page 70 (the 5th page of the posted document).