The Possibility Post – Connection, Curiousity, Clarity

roadtripMuch has occurred over the past month and we are excited to begin our ‘road trip’ around the province to connect with people with disabilities, their families and service providers.

To recap… what exactly are we doing?

Through a partnership with the the Department of Families (Community Living disAbility Services, Abilities) and the broader community of people who receive services, their families and their service providers we intend to discover and develop four things:

  1. What does a good life look like? (What outcomes are present when the people with disabilities (or any of us)  are living a good life?)
  2. How do we know when people are living a good life? How do we measure or discover this in a consistent way?
  3. What do we need to do to help people to live a good life.  What standards need to be met to ensure this is the case?
  4. Tools that will help service providers improve their services or help people in the best way possible. How do we continue to build capacity and encourage growth for all service providers.

The work is being informed and guided by a Steering Committee, a Working Group and a number of standing reference groups from key audiences such as self advocates, family members and advocacy groups. We are working with our Department of Families partners to conduct a jurisdictional scan to see what is happening in other provinces and countries around the world as well as to ensure that we are aware of the best practice research available.

One of the first things we want to do is to ensure that we are connecting and listening to all of you! So we are headed out to several areas of the Province to conduct focus groups with people with disabilities, their families and service providers. We are anxious to hear from you and open and curious about what we will learn! People who want to contribute can register for a focus group near them (Focus Group Schedule ) If they are unable or do not want to attend the focus groups, they can contribute by completing the written feedback form (online or in writing). Focus Group Written Feedback Form or online at

We want to hear from you! Register for a focus group in your area by clicking HERE. We will take registration until our maximum group size is full. If you register and find out that you can no longer attend, please let us know so that we can let others participate. Respite can be arranged for family members who want to contribute but need support for a family member during the focus group. All focus groups will be held in a fully accessible environment, please let us know if you need interpreter services (ASL, etc) when you register. Need help to register or have questions – call Andrea at 204-999-6508 or email at  In order to ensure we hear from a broad diversity of people we are asking that any one agency or family kindly register no more than two people for each focus group.

We are excited to connect with you over the next number of weeks.. to be curious about what you have to say and to listen and seek clarity. We want to be sure that we hear what is important to you and bring back your thoughts and ideas. This important work will be more successful by learning from everyone. Once all focus groups have been complete a summary of “What We Heard” will be shared back to participants and on this blog.. so check back often to see how things are shaping up!

Be well and stay warm! Spring is around the corner!

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