The Possibility Post – What’s in a name?

The other day, someone asked me… “So why do you call the blog, The Possibility Post?” In this blog, I plan to explore concepts related to quality services and supports … about how everyone can live a good life shaped by their own interests, dreams and goals in the community.

The inspiration for the name of the blog came from two of the great minds that have written widely in the field of disability for decades. Several years ago I stumbled upon this essay written by John O’Brien and Beth Mount and it has stuck with me ever since.. John and Beth remind us that an essential part of our work is to constantly ask “What else is possible?” … to stretch and grow, to gently nudge, encourage and walk with those that we support towards that positive and possiblecropped¬†future.

Over my career, John O’Brien has continued to shape my thinking about working for people with intellectual disabilities. His commentary on the Five Valued Experiences along with his guidance to service providers on the Five Accomplishment acts as a guiding North Star for all of us to reach for. To learn more: click here

As we think about establishing a quality framework within the Province, there are many brilliant minds and models that we can draw from around the world and close to home. And the most important voice will be those that receive services and their families.

Over the next several months, we plan on heading out on the road to visit different communities around the Province to hear from people with disabilities, their families and their service providers along with other partners in service . We hope to explore and discover what makes a good life for those receiving our services and what needs to be in place in order to help facilitate that life. We want to be sure that this quality framework will resonate with those it impacts and that people have input as it comes together.

Please keep watch for future invites and notices as we create opportunities for input! In the meantime, I extend my heartfelt wish that whatever the traditions you keep this time of year that they fill your heart, your cup and your soul. Looking forward to talking with you in 2018!


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