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    Malinda Roberts

    I know it is evolving – we were eligible for the initial 10%/$25 000. Now it looks like we might be eligible for the 75% but the rules are still being developed. Help discerning what we are eligible for would be great!

    My bigger question: IF we are eligible, what is CLDS’s position on agencies receiving these funds from the federal government? I want to turn it around to wage subsidies ASAP (similar to the hero pay concept grocery stores are offering) but I would like to know if it is going to get clawed by from my funding once CLDS catches up and catches wind of this. Can ABMB have a conversation with CLDS to get a sense of their position?

    And can ABMB provide support to agencies in figuring out what we are eligible for? There might be agencies who do not have the time or capacity to navigate this well.

    Malinda Roberts

    I just received this email from People First HR on this – if it is accurate (again, an ever evolving situation), residential services will not be eligible since our revenue has not decreased but maybe day services?

    The excerpt from the email:

    “Please see below. The Prime Minister just spoke with the country. The following general information was provided with regard to the 75% Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy to employers.

    Revenue must be down 30% to be eligible.
    All business large or small eligible (not for profit, charities, big and small business, etc). Not based on number of employees.
    Connected to the first $58,700 of employee salary…Up to 846.63 per week per employee.
    Effective retroactive to March 15, 2020
    Technical details to be provided in next day
    Severe consequences to businesses who take advantage, and don’t show good faith and value the trust.


    Todd Nadeau
    Director, HR Consulting

    COVID-19 Notice: In order to protect the health of our working environments, we are moving our services to remote work. Our offices are closed to clients until further notice, however we remain at your service. We will advise when our office spaces reopen.”

    Margo Powell

    Hi there,

    Yes, I have the same understanding as People First HR. So residential agencies will not be eligible, however many day services may be eligible. We will continue to keep our eyes on this!

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