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    Brenden Visca

    Good afternoon folks,

    I found a source for some hand sanitizer although I suspect most agencies are getting some stock at this point. If you’re in search of Hand Sanitizer the “Showcase” store in Polo Park is selling some. They’re only selling two bottles per person but if you identify that you work in our field they will allow you to buy 10 bottles & give you a “discount” (already priced high but it’s a slight discount compared to public of 10%).

    The biggest bottle they sell is just under 1 Litre for roughly $35. It is expensive but may be necessary if you support some folks who really struggle to wash their hands effectively.

    They’re taking orders today with the shipment arriving Monday. If you’re looking to purchase more than 10 Litres you can send more than one person from your organization. I had to use the entrance by Scotia Bank to enter the mall. I let the security guard know I wanted to go to Showcase & the store representative came down to walk me in one customer at a time.

    Stay healthy,

    – Brenden

    Leanne Fenez

    Thank you, Brenden. Sorry for the late reply! Do you know if this is still a relevant source? I can add it to our listing here:

    Pandemic Supplies

    Brenden Visca

    Hey Leanne,

    Ironically enough Showcase called me today to let me know they got in surgical masks & they confirmed that they still have hand sanitizer as well. If you tell them you work in the disability sector (provide a business card if you can) they will give you a “discount” on the items. Their 1L bottle of Hand Sanitizer is $24.99 plus tax after the “Discount”.

    Torque Brewery is selling 4L jugs for $60 & will do same day (or next day depending on the time) delivery for $5. I believe they only have limited quantities though whereas Showcase is more consistent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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