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    I’m looking for safety procedures in a home once a person supported has COVID19. What measures do we take to keep staff and other people in the home safe??

    What new visiting policies have you implemented during the pandemic for families and friends of those we support?

    What new sanitizing procedures have you put in place for cleaning homes?

    Leanne Fenez


    We are building a resource listing of helpful protocols and information in one document. There is a couple of resources so far in the section labelled Resources for DSPs that might be of assistance. There is also some resources growing under Managing Visitors. We will be adding to this throughout the day. You can access the listing through this post;

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    Brenden Visca

    Good afternoon folks,

    I wanted to upload & offer some of the measure, procedures & policies that we’ve added & implemented at Fairfax Community Resources Inc. Kelly Miller (Fairfax’s CEO) also came across a really great link of information from the Government of Massachusetts regarding COVID-19 for Agency Based In-Home Caregivers & Workers.

    I have attached the following:

    * Fairfax’s Pandemic Prevention Protocol
    * Fairfax’s Pandemic Isolation Protocol
    * Fairfax COVID-19 Memo for staff
    * Fairfax Staying Healthy Amid Cold & Flu Season Amid COVID-19
    * Link to Government of Massachusetts COVID-19 Info

    If you have any questions or comment feel free to post here or to contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 204.292.9140.


    – Brenden

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    Leanne Fenez

    Thanks, Brendan! Will add these resources to the cumulative listing.

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