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    Leslie Udell

    Supported decision making is a key element of the VPA. It is not easy or simple to provide decision making supports to people, in a manner that creates good quality decision. In agencies, it is often the front line staff who are involved in the supported decision making process with individuals yet there are no requirements for those very staff to have competencies in this area, or any area of their position. Agencies receive very little funding for staff training and the wages they are funded to offer leads to a high turnover in staff and staff with little or no experience. There are no approved curriculum to teach staff supported decision making and agencies are left to their own devices. CLdS reserves the right to have sole oversight of the Agency Guide to the VPA training, which guides staff in understanding supported decision making, but rarely offers the training and has inadequate numbers of people trained to role out offerings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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